Training Development and Delivery

EI Review offers a comprehensive training service. Our experienced staff will assist you in addressing your organization's particular needs, problems, and opportunities.Our goal is to provide practical solutions and value-added training services that ensure you and your organization succeed. Our professional team is comprised of

  1. Technical specialists, including environmental, health, and safety professionals
  2. Generalists in instructional design, organization development, and human resources/personnel
  3. Design and computer programming personnel

EI Review's first step in organizing and preparing (developing) a training program is to analyze what training is required and/or needed to improve operations. Then the focus moves to how the training should be designed, developed, and implemented to ensure the program is organized, effective, integrated, and in full compliance with regulatory and Company requirements. EI Review can design classroom and computer (CD-based and web-based) training programs as well as distance learning.

Each step in the process feeds back to previous steps until the process is completed. EI Review emphasizes the training management requirements (e.g., documentation and timing) as well. Considerable efficiency may be gained by coordinating the timing of training and the proper management of required documentation. Our model for the training development process is presented in the training model.

  • Conduct of Operations
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning
  • Emergency Preparedness and Spill Response
  • Environmental Protection (compliance programs and regulations)
  • Fire Protection and Safety Systems
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Integrated Safety Management Systems
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Facility Operating Procedures
  • OSHA and Safe Work Practices
  • Radiation Protection, including Criticality Safety
  • Security and Safeguards
  • Use of the Internet and World Wide Web (print course information)