Materials Disposition Team

EI Review & Company, Inc. has been awarded a five year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with the Department of Energy (DOE) for materials disposition. The scope includes divesting DOE and its prime contractors of radioactive or non-radioactive contaminated material such as scrap metal, equipment, vehicles and the demolition of structures with consideration for their residual asset value.

EI Review will provide the expertise and guidance to navigate you through the intricacies of your various environmental protection, assessment, and compliance concerns. Our personnel can provide this capability by identifying the potential project/facility environmental liabilities and applicable regulations, interfacing with regulators, and recommending primary and alternative courses of action as a basis for decisions. This approach will allow you to select the most suitable solution that achieves compliance, at the lowest cost, while maintaining a positive public opinion.

  • Disposition (sales) of equipment
  • Disposition of metals and chemicals, including:
    • process equipment
    • feed stock
    • precious metals and inventories
  • Radiological decontamination under a mobile license using
    mechanical and chemical processes
  • Demolition of buildings and temporary structures
  • Identify the material for disposition
  • Contact the DOE BOA administrator
  • Develop a Task Order (Scope of Work)
  • Contact EI Review & Company (anytime during the process)
  • Existing contractual mechanism
  • EI Review is pre-qualified to perform task orders
  • Task orders awarded within two weeks of identified scope
  • Task Orders performed on-site and off-site
  • Your scope of work Flexibility
  • Support of pollution prevention programs
  • Potentially no cost to you!

Contract #: DE-AK05-01OR22784

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