Information Management

Every business generates and maintains large amounts of information. Proper electronic management of this information is imperative for success. The problem that many companies face is unfamiliarity with various computer software that handle and organize data and the difficulty in communicating the technical issues inherent to the data to those managing the data. Unproductive hours result and employee time can be wasted without the right approach for information management.

EI Review's professionals are knowledgeable of the issues that surround the environmental, decontamination and decommissioning, health and safety, and facility management and maintenance fields. Additionally, EI Review incorporates and validates both the known data parameters and desired system structure. This produces an information management system that is both useable and upgradeable. This hierarchical design allows for the inevitable "change of data ... let's add more data" routine. Applications can range from single flat files to relational graphics interfaces, all at your option. All programs are fully documented for ease of use and training.

  • Relational Data Base Design
  • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM)
  • Network Applications Graphical Mapping and Object Linking
  • Configuration Management
  • Hazard Location Control
  • Personnel Records Management
  • Document Control/ Records Storage and Retrieval Secure Records Control
  • Construction/Modification Tracking Data Linking and Translation
  • Web Site and Communications Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Data Base Streamlining and Consolidation
  • Action Item Tracking