Facility Management And Operations

Facility Management And Operations has become a major area of focus for large and small commercial and government clients. For corporations and government agencies, it has been recognized as a major area of emphasis in order to improve equipment reliability, reduce indirect costs, and contribute to the "bottom line" in a positive manner. Operations are integrally tied to facility activities, and hence, represents a combined opportunity for increasing overall plant and facility efficiency.

EI Review addresses both the specialized and ordinary aspects of facility management and operations activities ranging from boiler plants to water chemistry. The list of both current and upcoming opportunities for savings and enhanced functionality in the facilities management and operations areas is astounding. EI Review can assist you in maintaining the best possible operations and schedules.

The following lists a few of the many supporting functions and enhancements that can be provided:

Preventive, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance Programs

Plan and Procedure Development: Waste Minimization, SPCC, Pollution Prevention, Stormwater Management, UST Closure, Emergency Response, Task Management, Risk Management, RCRA/TSCA Waste Operations and Management, Spill Response and Inspections

Specialized Nondestructive Assay Analysis and Testing

Facility Records Management and On-line Tracking

ISO 9000 & 14000 Series

Operability Certification Preparations

Plant Systems Integration and Remote Systems Operations Insurance Analysis for Premium Reductions Suspect and Counterfeit Parts Identification and Control Compliance with Federal Regulations (i.e., ADA and others)

Integration with Facility Safety

Fire Protection and Industrial Hygiene

Vibration Analysis and Failure Methods Statistical Reliability Analysis and Quality Methods

Formality of Operations and Procedure Support

Configuration Control

Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) Program Development