Environmental Protection, Assessment, and Compliance

Environmental protection, assessment, and compliance issues are a concern to both large and small industries and government agencies with operating concerns.

EI Review will provide the expertise and guidance to navigate you through the intricacies of your various environmental protection, assessment, and compliance concerns. Our personnel can provide this capability by identifying the potential project/facility environmental liabilities and applicable regulations, interfacing with regulators, and recommending primary and alternative courses of action as a basis for decisions. This approach will allow you to select the most suitable solution that achieves compliance, at the lowest cost, while maintaining a positive public opinion.

Regulatory Analysis and Agency Interface:

Integrated Environmental Program Development:
Surface Water Discharge,Waste Management, Air Emission Control Hazardous Materials Control and Evaluation, Air Dispersion Modeling, Analytical Data Validation Management, TSCA/RCRA storage/treatment

Plan and Procedure Development:
Waste Minimization, SPCC, Pollution Prevention, Stormwater Management, UST Closure, Emergency Response, Task Management, Risk Management, RCRA/TSCA Waste Operations and Management, Spill Response and Inspections

Training Development and Delivery:
Classroom/field, CD/Computer Based Training, Compliance/regulations driven, Policies, Procedures, Operations, Tracking database

Permit Application Development:
NPDES Stormwater and Point Source, Dredge and Fill, Title V, Construction

Regulations and Standards Mangement:
Determine Applicable Regulatory Requirements and Standards Develope and Maintain Tracking Database Capture and Assign Resposnibility to Regulatory Requirements and Standrds, and Implementing Documents Maintain a Link Bewteen Regulatory Requirements and Standards, and Implementing Documents

Assessments, Surveillances, and Audits:
Compliance (past, present & future), Phase I & II, Project & Facility Establish and Maintain Database for Assessments, Surveillances, and Audit Results

Resource Management Liability Minimization:
Litigation Support/Expert Testimony
Standard Operating Procedure and Work Plan Development
National Environmental Policy Act Analysis and Documentation