About EI Review & Co. Inc.

EI Review & Company, Inc. (EI Review) is a small business that provides service-oriented/ client-responsive, business improvement, consulting services. EI Review was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1994 as a consortium of committed professionals whose expertise and credentials are well established. EI Review specializes in providing personnel training, program development, and implementation for; environmental, health, safety, quality assurance, operations, waste management, assessments, information management, engineering services, oversight, and plan/procedure development.

EI Review's stated mission is to facilitate the growth and financial security of the company and it's clients by providing superior consulting services.

EI Review is dedicated to complete client satisfaction. Work on each assignment is planned so the client's needs will be effectively and efficiently exceeded! In short, we will identify and at your direction complete all tasks necessary to ensure the level of success that will establish and maintain a long term relationship with you.

Our approach is simple. Services are based on the premise of:
1) worker and public health and safety and compliance
2) quality products and services
3) superior and cost efficient product production


5413 Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services
5416 Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
5419 Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
5611 Office Administrative Services
5612 Facilities Support Services
5613 Employment Services
5614 Business Support Services
5629 Remediation and Other Waste Management Services
6117 Educational Support Services