Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

EI Review's professionals stand ready to support your business improvement needs under GSA SINs that are supported by a single rate structure. This approach ensures our clients are able to always access our staff of professionals.

SIN 874-1 Consulting Services
SIN 874-2 Facilitation Services
SIN 874-3 Survey Services
SIN 874-4 Training Services
SIN 874-5 Support Products
SIN 874-6 Privatization Support Services

Prices shown below are net (discount deducted), applicable at date of award. These are client space rates.

Professional Consultant I $58.97
Professional Consultant II $60.28
Senior Professional Consultant I $70.09
Senior Professional Consultant II $78.00
Senior Professional Consultant III $88.54
Facilitator I $102.51
Facilitator II $135.26

*To support a client using EI Review space an additional 21.4% must be added to cover overhead expenses.

The following course has been developed and will be modified to meet your immediate needs based on the technical areas for improvement.

Course Title Professional Technical Development
Course Length Eight (8) hours
Minimum Number of Participants Six (6)
Maximum Number of Participants Fifty (50)
Cost for Course $2,048.10
Price per participant in excess of maximum $341.35

The following products may be provided in support of related Tasking.

Basic Training Workbook (1) $70.00
Poster Development
(34x44', laminated, gator foam)
Topical Program Training Manual (Basic) $115.00
"Train the Trainer" Specialty Topics $183.00

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