SIN 874-6 Privatization Support Services and Documentation

EI Review is one of the few firms that have had direct support and development assistance experience with both the start, interim setup, and establishment of a privatization initiative involving the transition of government-owned buildings and equipment to private industry lease arrangements. This directly applicable experience was obtained at the Department of Energy (DOE) Oak Ridge Operations facility complex, specifically at the former K-25 Plant (now called the East Tennessee Technology Park).

Beginning in 1992, the Vice President of EI Review was directly supporting the staff of the K-25 Site Office (a DOE oversight group), which was located at the DOE Oak Ridge K-25 Site. During this time, these personnel were directly involved in support, assistance, and improvement initiatives to garner support for, and to ultimately develop, a thriving privatization program at the plant. To date, our firm has not only been a participant, but supports them to the extent of maintaining participating office facilities at the Site, and is a vital partner in the privatization effort. Hence, our firm has been involved not only on the experience side from the inside, but also as a partner on the industry side (outside). There are few small, commercial firms that can demonstrate such unique experience under SIN 874-6.