SIN 874-5 Support Products

EI Review brings an extensive repertoire of support products to the availability of our government and private clients with one distinguishing aspect. Our support products are custom-designed to fit the needs, budget, and scope of the training being provided. EI Review currently provides no tangible support products outside of the training services realm, except as general educational materials. In support of the requirements of this solicitation, only those support products that support SIN 874-4, Training Services, are listed.

The variety of support products currently offered by EI Review is extensive. Advanced, but still standard, offering of support products include audio media formats, CDs, videotape instruction, computer-based training software, and still-frame picture files. Traditional formats are offered as: slide shows, overhead slide presentations, workbooks, training manuals, study guides, and topical desk reference booklets. It is our belief that training material support products are not "client-functional" until they address at least 90% of the client's training needs. In this manner, EI Review has assigned an internal "yard stick" to measure the ability to best allocate money, time, and resources for the betterment of the client. This concept is in perfect harmony with the MOBIS objectives of process and quality improvement.