SIN 874-4 Training Services

EI Review brings an extensive amount of training expertise in both technical and soft skills elements, in multiple formats to the table. Value added, Quality-driven, timely, and effective training services are the backbone of our program. We pride ourselves in being the best and most successful in this area with our private industry and government clients. This also applies to the delivery devices and training support materials provided by EI Review, which are the highest in quality, applicability application, correctness of supporting documentation, and usefulness to the client.

For supporting materials, EI Review focuses on the use of various workbooks, manuals, and related reference material to provide for the proper ability of the student to refer back to instruction at a later time. Subject matter offerings, while usually given in a classroom environment, may also be customized for field application, computer-based training, instruction by videotape, or by broadcast web transmission. The use of advanced training media (i.e., CDs, web-based training materials, and testing applications) is also supported by EI Review.

Further advanced scenarios are often used, including (but not limited to) field walkdowns, oral board style question development, Subject Matter Expert (SME) training inclusion, and written/oral examinations. All of the examination data collected through these efforts can also be housed and retrieved via a databse that allows for easy retrievel of source documents, objectives, examination questions and answers, point values, and examination calculations, in multiple forms of presentation (exam banks, exam versions, etc..). This also includes database development and maintenance for training tracking. This enhances the overall improvement capabilities of training offered by EI Review.