SIN 874-3 Survey Services

EI Review provides substantial direct knowledge and implementation of survey services throughout our realm of government and private industry clients. While many of the survey services offered would tend to have technical slant toward them, the overall application of survey knowledge is demonstrable for suitable MOBIS experience. Therefore, the survey services are oriented toward the business improvement aspects required by the client, where the client desires to establish lower costs, increased survey breadth, or obtain other non-technical data that requires that a comparative measurement technique be applied in the future.

EI Review's consultation experience with the various clients, both current and past, almost always involves some aspect of either formal or informal survey services. Formal surveys being those required for specific objective improvement by the client and informal surveys being those directed at overall quality improvement and process utilization aspects of the client's systems and methodologies. Action planning and determination are merely extensions of survey services and are incorporated at each and possible location in a survey setting.