SIN 874-1 Consulting Services

EI Review provides expertise in a variety of both technical and non-technical consulting areas for U.S. Government Agencies and various private industry clients. All in all, these various areas of consulting expertise are focused on the specific needs and demands of the client, with a special emphasis on providing assistance, counseling, and direct support to ensure thorough and exacting achievement of the goals set forth by the client.

The direct, and often indirect, attributes of such consulting services are designed to enhance and further advance the agency's or private industry client's process understanding of their own internal processes and related external interactions. The potential expansion of such processes with regard to overall improvement in efficiency, organizational structuring, and helping the client with both intra- and inter-company views on business relationships, is a strategic and tactical essential for business improvement. We foster the growth of the client by acting as a trusted partner in the development and execution of consulting services that target major areas of opportunity for the client.